Investors should start buying Bitcoin as retail investors continue to enter the market, according to a leading cryptocurrency trading platform.
Investors in Bitwise Asset Management say that while institutional investors have been largely absent from the digital currency space since its December 2018 crash and subsequent bull run, this trend is changing fast. Investors are expected to buy more BTC and other cryptocurrencies now that they can trade on powerhouse platforms like Coinbase and Robinhood without incurring high fees. When asked about their forecasts for when retail investments will return, analysts at CoinDesk said they expect it within six months of current levels if not sooner.

The “bitcoin price in 2020” is a question that has been asked many times. Bitcoin has shed the ‘dumb money’ moniker as retail buys most BTC since March 2020 crash.

Regular investors are once again purchasing Bitcoin (BTC) around $48,000, according to statistics, which verifies the largest buying binge since March 2020.

Willy Woo, a statistician, noticed an important pattern that had been missing from the Bitcoin market for nearly 18 months in a tweet on Dec. 14.

BTC is being added to retail like it’s March 2020.

BTC/USD was a trendy selection for those able and willing to invest after plummeting below $3,600 in March 2020 — and it’s back today.

Changes in balances for wallets with 1 BTC or less — which usually indicate small-scale investors — have hit their highest level since March 2020.

While the conditions stay the same (coronavirus worries and macro market anxieties about central bank policies), the most significant change by the end of 2021 is that Bitcoin prices $48,000 instead of $3,600.

Regardless, if the retail accumulation data is correct, interest is skyrocketing.

Woo noted, “The last time retail purchased the dip this hard was at the bottom of the COVID collapse.”

The last time retail purchased the decline so aggressively was during the COVID collapse.

Probably nothing, very few, and so forth.

December 14, 2021 — Willy Woo (@woonomic)

At present price levels, bigger established hodlers continue to demonstrate varied behavior, as Cointelegraph highlighted this week. Despite some selling, the highest tier – whales — are more wary about abandoning BTC.

The divide between “smart” and “dumb” money has reached an all-time high.

Meanwhile, the share of long-term investors against short-term market participants has hit a new high.

Bitcoin’s price drop might come to a stop on Wednesday, as Bitfinex bids suggest Fed wants to ‘buy the news.’

There has never been a wider discrepancy between the amount of BTC owned by “smart” and “dumb” money — long-term and short-term purchasers — according to the so-called “Smart Money Gap” indicator, which is based on data from on-chain analytics company Glassnode.

Local peaks in the measure have signaled the commencement of price bull runs throughout Bitcoin’s history, indicating local price bottoms.

Bitcoin sheds ‘dumb money’ as retail buys most BTC since March 2020 crashAnnotated graphic of the Bitcoin Smart Money Gap. Twitter is the source of this information.

The figures back up the theory that Bitcoin’s near 40% drop from all-time highs of $69,000 “flushed out” speculative market bets.

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The “bitcoin price april 2020” is a cryptocurrency that has been experiencing a major decline in value. The retail buys most BTC since the March 2020 crash.

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