Nervos blockchain which is backed by NEO started hosting the first smart contract game, ‘Godwoken.’ The move will allow developers to now port their Ethereum dApps onto Nervos. Expert says that this has huge implications for both groups of users; players on one hand and investors on the other.

The “nervos network partnerships” is a partnership between the Nervos and Ethereum. Developers can now port their Ethereum dApps to Nervos as ‘Godwoken’ goes live.

“Godwoken,” the first EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain in Nervos’ multi-layer plan, is already in mainnet beta, according to the company. Developers may apply to join Nervos, which hopes to become the next significant DeFi ecosystem in the blockchain world, starting today.

Our EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain, Godwoken, is currently available on mainnet beta.

Ethereum developers may now transfer their dApps to #CKB using their current codebases, thanks to the launch of #Godwoken and Force Bridge. for more information Join the mainnet beta

November 4, 2021 — Nervos (@NervosNetwork)

Creating a link between the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem and the rest of the world

The big achievement comes after the mainnet deployment of Force Bridge, a trustless cross-chain bridge that enables frictionless transactions between Nervos and other public chains. 

With the release of Godwoken and Force Bridge, Ethereum developers may begin migrating their dApps to Nervos, allowing them to increase their user base and brand recognition in a blossoming network focused on DeFi development. 

According to a survey published earlier this year by Electric Capital, over 8,000 developers are actively working on blockchain projects in any given month. More over a quarter of those engineers contribute to Ethereum, with the number increasing by 215 percent in only the previous three years. 

However, although Ethereum is many developers’ preferred chain, high network congestion, gas prices, and scalability difficulties have prompted developers and consumers to look for other chains, resulting in a surge in interest in Layer 2 and alternative scaling solutions. 

Godwoken’s debut provides a first-mover chance for developers who wish to stand out among hundreds of thousands of blockchain projects across Ethereum and other ecosystems, allowing them to swiftly establish momentum within the Nervos community and perhaps receive investment.

“Godwoken’s debut is a watershed moment for our ecosystem for our team members and community members who have been with us from the beginning,” said Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos. 

“We’re developing a new blockchain standard—a method for anyone to contribute to the larger blockchain ecosystem, independent of account type, consensus mechanism, or other factors,” he said.

Nervos has awoken God.

Godwoken’s optimistic roll-up mechanism and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility allow developers to leverage Ethereum contracts while keeping transactions scalable, quick, and low-cost, thanks to Nervos’ Layer 1, which employs a Proof of Work (PoW) method to maintain high throughput and security. 

Developers may now begin smooth transactions to Ethereum using the Force Bridge, which was just published on mainnet. More EVM and non-EVM chains, including Cardano, will be included in the future.

Godwoken is the first of several Layer 2s protected by the optimistic rollup structure to debut on Nervos, and it will be fine-tuned during the course of the Mainnet Beta program in the coming months.

Yokaiswap, a next-generation interoperable AMM decentralized exchange (DEX) based on Nervos that will provide annual percentage yield (APY) incentives for yield farmers, will be released on the mainnet soon.

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Developers can now port their Ethereum dApps to Nervos as ‘Godwoken’ goes live

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The “nervos dao” is a blockchain that was created by the Nervos team. Developers can now port their Ethereum dApps to Nervos as “Godwoken” goes live.

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